French Cultural Center 19 November 2022

On the 19th of November, parts of the ARR exhibition were displayed with an Art in the Park inspired design at French Cultural Center in Blantyre, Malawi. The event was coordinated by Janet Kasambala-Phillips.
Linn Mathisen, representing The ARR project group in Norway, was present together with contributors of scar stories from Chichiri Prison, as well as prison staff and volunteers from Future in Our Hands Malawi.

The contributors present displayed photos and stories of scars, and certificates for their participation in the project were distributed. Photos from the exhibition at Støperiet in Norway, were also displayed.

Chichiri Prison Cultural Troupe directed and presented scar stories in theatrical performances, in addition to selected productions from their repertoire.
Prison officers working with Chichiri Prison Cultural Troupe, Michael Mpopo and Alfred Nkanda, facilitated the event.

Fotos from the event.

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